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This fast and elegant application will help you stay on top of your web surfing and searching. Go ahead and search Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia and many other top sites with a simple touch from your iPhone or iPod. You will love this beautifully designed application from Simply Useful Apps.


Inspiring Reviews:

"I just bought this app and I love it! It's very organized and simplifies my searches."

"Just bought the app very nice UI. Looks sharp and allows me to browse the web fast. I love the full screen view!"

"Nice to be able to go and search many sites. Bing is missing! How come?"

PS: Bing is added in the newest version!

Cosmic Clock with Julian Date & Swatch Internet Time (Beat Time)

Are you an astronomer, researcher or an amateur space enthusiast? Here comes our Cosmic Clock app just for you!

This app designed for Apple's new retina display, you will love the high quality images! It works for old models as well as the new iPhone 4.

It offers:
* Truly continuous and very unique analog space clock!
* Julian Date | Reduced Julian Date
* World famous Swatch Internet Time (also known as beat time)
* Date Month Year/Day info
* Many great nebula images: Omega Nebula, Barnard's Loop, Eagle Nebula, and more!
* Slide show with subtle zooming effect

FYI: Swatch have developed a time system called "Internet Time" that has no geographical boundaries, and is a simple, innovative way for people around the world to keep in touch. The day is divided into 1000 'beats', each equal to about a minute and a half. The designation for Internet Time is an '@' symbol before a 3-digit number, such as @314.Yes, we like the Internet Time, and we provide it in our many applications!

Pop the Bubbles for Kids

Here comes one of the best casual bubble popping fun game for all ages. Initially, pop the bubbles designed for kids, nevertheless, it has captured the attention of the big ones as well!

* 3 bubbles to choose from
* swipe your fingers to create
* touch them to pop
* sparkle animation
* awesome graphics
* stop animation

PS: For the HD version, please take a look at the iPad edition here.

Clocks for Moms

This special program is dedicated to our beloved moms!

* Analog and digital clocks
* Full date info: Day, month, year
* Main clock (shows your local time)
* Mini clock (could be adjusted to any time zone)
* Both clocks could be set to be analog or digital clocks.
* Digital clock also offers the world famous Swatch Internet Time!
* Night clocks (landscape view)
* Beautiful background images
* Custom image selection option for your background
* Inspirational quotes for all mothers
* In-app email feature: Send your private messages and favorite quotes to your moms, grandmas, or any of your loved ones without leaving the application!

Inspirational Clocks with Quotes and Swatch Internet Time
Who cannot appreciate elegant beauty and some useful inspirations in their life? I think we all do! So, here come the inspirational clocks and quotes for you.

Gorgeous clocks have many different things to offer:
* Main clock (shows your local time)
* Mini clock (could be adjusted to any time zone)
* Both clocks could be set to be analog or digital clocks.
* Digital clock also offers the world famous Swatch Internet Time! So you can meet your friends by using this zone free reference. Yes, we are bringing the Internet Time (beat time) back. This is the only app that offers you the Internet Time!
* Night clocks (landscape view)

In the inspirations view, you will find very thoughtful and timeless quotes from the wonderful people. They will change every minute to give you plenty of time for you to enjoy and appreciate the moment.
A Countdown App for Breaking Dawn (for Twihards)
Breaking Dawn Time

Dawn Time a countdown timer for Breaking Dawn movie is here for iPhone and iPod Touch! You will love it!

This is a very special digital clock with customizable countdown for the fans of Twilight Saga! You can use it to countdown to your important events! So, let it be the special countdown for your birthday, an important movie event, or your vacation to the wonderful places on earth!

It has many features to offer:

* Custom date selection for your countdown!
* App badge (works like your email or facebook apps!)
* Many beautiful backgrounds
* Custom image selection
* Awesome sparkle animation
* Night clocks
* Full date month year/day info
* Great look and feel with ease of use
* Custom music selection from your library!

Party Time with Countdown & Jokes

Yet another special app but this time for party lovers! This is our one of the best clock applications ever! Based on our highly respected Inspirational Clocks app which is featured in the iTunes "What's Hot" section recently, however, it adds many new features to the original concept.

* Customizable countdown for your special day!
* In app music: Choose and play your favorite music without leaving the app!
* App badge (great way to see countdown info, just like your email & facebook apps)
* Beautiful analog and digital clocks
* Full date info: Date, month, year and day
* Main clock (shows your local time)
* Mini clock (could be adjusted to any time zone, works as a world clock)
* Both clocks could be set to be analog or digital clocks.
* and many more...

Handy Tally Counter

Handy tally counter for all counting purposes: Simple to use with an elegant look and sound effect for your counting needs. In the age of technology, it provides a neat way of counting just like a traditional tally clicker. As an advantage compared to the other tools available, it also provides very useful and convenient small buttons if you have to modify the positive or negative values for the counter individually.
Use it as people counter in the concerts, stadiums, house parties, or in amusement parks for rides. Also one can use it for traffic analysis, inventory counting, etc. It is an indispensable tool for many counting needs in our lives.

* Simple up/down count with big buttons
* Add, subtract, calculate with ease
* Up and down counter values individually adjustable
* Percentages for the full count process
* Sound FX for audio feedback
* Many features can be turned on or off in the settings view

vClocks with Inspiring Quotes

This is a very special iPhone/iPod Touch application just for Twilight fans.
It offers analog, digital clocks and the world famous Swatch Internet time.

If you are not a fan, please consider our other app called Inspirational Clocks, since it has the same feature set including the Internet time!

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Thanks Twilight Fans for making Eclipse Countdown Ultimate one of the Top 10 Applications in the Apple's App Store in 2009! Special thanks to my wife, my sister and my son for their ideas and support :)

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